Capkin -A Furry Hat enjoyer-

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The Capkin is here!

Capkins are furry little creatures that love hats! All shapes and sizes! They are as nimble as they are short, love to play and cuddle up with their furry friends. Their long and soft ears make them very sensitive to loud sounds, often making them scurry off into hiding. It also makes them great listeners.

They're omnivorous creatures but mostly prefer to eat takout with their friends or something. Most Capkins will average around 3'2 ft (1 m) tall and weigh very little. Most of their weight is in their oversized hats. (probably)

In the event of a threat a Capkin will try and make themselves bigger by squeaking towards the threat and T pose like an Anteater. Failing at that they will run towards the nearest hole or cover and call for aid in the hopes of another Capkin nearby who might have a gun. or a bigger hat (the lethal ones).

''Give a Capkin a Hat and they will be happy. Teach a Capkin to make a Hat. They will be happy for a lifetime (and most likely rich in their community, ask for a cut.)''

Oversized ears? Oversized Tail? Big hat? No. Just the right size. -Capkin

The avatar package is for VRChat use and is set up to be Humanoid format

The avatar uses the free shader called Poiyomi Toon Shader (

Recommended having experience using the Unity Game Engine and its VRChat Avatar SDK toolkit.

Face Tracking version for the avatar is planned and will be included in future versions!

New Textures for Body are planned and will be added in future versions.

Hats. More Hats are coming...

Purchasing this avatar/product will mean you automatically agree to Terms of Service that are listed below.


Expressive Gestures and Visimes

Easy to remove hair fluff for potential placement of hair assets

Breasts toggle and sliders

Physbone Dynamic in Ears, Tail, Breasts, Butt

Toggles for Cap, Collar and all the various Floofy bits individually.

Fullbody compatible

~24k Poly and 5 materials!

Medium Performance Rank!

VRChat PC compatible only. Plans for quest version support is being considered but not guaranteed.

MMD basic blenshapes/visimes

A Hue slider for both body, hat and eyes and different sizes and shapes for the pupil.


Unity Package set up and ready to upload

Substance Painter .SPP files


Unity 2022.3.6f1

VRChat Avatar SDK 3.5.0 or above.

Adobe Substance 3D Painter for opening the .SPP files allocated.


Things you CAN do:

Edit the model for personal use.

Use the model for personal VTube or Streaming versions

Sell or commission custom textures for the model as long as you and the third party in question both legally purchased their own copy of this product.

Make and sell any clothing and accessories for this model as long as there are no assets other than the skeleton/rig/armature are redistributed around.

Things you CANNOT do:

Use this avatar for commercial purposes.

Redistribute or sell/commission any part of the assets included (modified or otherwise) to a third party UNLESS you and the third party both legally purchased the product.

Use this avatar in any commercial/advertising or games WITHOUT explicit permission by the creator Ulmafar.

Last but not least.

This model is completely custom made by Ulmafar. Designed, modeled, rigged, textured and all. All credits taken from them will not be tolerated.

I (Ulmafar) will not be liable for any misuse caused by the use of this model. (Hate, Politics and etc...)

You may create any form of artwork or commission of this model as long as it isnt traced/stolen.

There are no refunds.

This is my first model ever created for Vrchat. Please be kind and i hope you all enjoy the Capkin! (i love hats)

For any issue please dm me (ulmafar) on discord. (please dont ask any inappropriate questions or herass me. im only one person and still human. be kind)

Version log

Capikin v1.0 (release)


Concept, Designing, Modeling, UV's, Rigging, Substance painter Setup, Texturing, Clothing, Unity implementation:


Huge help from Crizmin, Slycamer and Robeep78 for taking pictures, videos and helping me out with advertizing. <3

I have a discord for Capkins !

Feel free to join!

I want this!

When purchased you will recieve:

Unity Package
Substance Painter 3D .SPP files
Collar and Hat! (very important)
Big Ears and Tail!
A crippling addiction to Hats
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Capkin -A Furry Hat enjoyer-

15 ratings
I want this!